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Committees Overview

Various committees assist in the function of the City government.

Listing of Committees


Roswell City Council Committees

The City of Roswell has three council committees that enhance communication between Mayor and Council and City staff. The committees enable staff to receive early feedback from the elected body on issues affecting public policy before formal votes are taken at the official City Council meetings. No formal votes are taken on Council Committee agenda items. Formal votes on issues and public policy are made during City Council meetings the second and fourth Monday's of the month.


  • Administration, Finance, and Recreation & Parks Committee
  • Public Safety and Public Works Committee
  • Community Development and Transportation Committee

Meeting Schedule

  • Administration, Finance, and Recreation & Parks Committee and Public Safety and Public Works Committee
    • The Tuesday following the second Monday City Council meeting of each month
    • 5:00 PM, Roswell City Hall, Room 220
  • Community Development and Transportation Committee
    • The Wednesday following the fourth Monday City Council meeting of each month
    • 8:00 AM, Roswell City Hall, Room 220
  • Meeting schedule available at

Liaison Assignments


2040 Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

The City of Roswell is working with a consulting team (Pond) to write the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. This plan will provide long-range policy direction for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public facilities, inter-governmental agreements and natural/cultural resources. The process involves a variety of stakeholders including Elected Officials, City Staff, a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, Regulatory Agencies, a Consultant Team led by Pond & Company, and the General Public. The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee will assist in collecting and discussing public input and help formulate the plan.

Meeting Schedule


East Roswell Economic Action Committee

The sole purpose of the East Roswell Economic Action Committee (EREAC) is to make findings and recommendations to Roswell City Council on ways to stimulate and revitalize areas east of Warsaw Road. The committee may create by-laws to govern themselves and shall meet at least monthly.

The committee comprises 10 community volunteers, most of whom live or work in east Roswell, as well as the City Administrator, Director of Community Development, and Executive Director of Roswell Inc, the City's economic and business development organization.

In February 2020, EREAC presented a final report resulting from work conducted during its initial term of service from February 2019 to February 2020.

Committee Findings & Recommendations

Meeting Schedule

Reference Documents

Town Hall Meeting Videos


Historic District Master Plan Advisory Committee

The City of Roswell is working with a consulting team (TSW Design) to create a Historic District Master Plan. This plan is preservation focused with specific emphasis on four target areas within the City's existing Historic District. The goal of this Roswell Historic District Master Plan is to establish a vision and a well-developed and feasible implementation plan to create a sustainable and thriving historic downtown environment, for the targeted areas, that protects the historic character and resources and also reflect the common goals and objectives of community stakeholders. The Historic District Master Plan Advisory Committee will assist in collecting and discussing public input and help formulate the master plan.

Find out more at

Meeting Schedule


Historic Gateway Citizens Advisory Committee

Purpose/Mission Statement

To provide a resource of citizen feedback to Mayor and City Council (hereafter called the “governing body”) for the advancement of the Historic Gateway Project to serve the best interests of the Roswell community in a cost-effective, expeditious and timely manner.


  • To provide a forum for Roswell citizens to be engaged and provide input for visual enhancements and for example, but not limited, to adding texture to a retaining wall, and/or public art at the roundabout, subject to GDOT standards (hereafter referred to as add-ons) to the approved project elements of the Historic Gateway Project.
  • To foster communications and open dialogue among residents, key stakeholders, the governing body and RDOT regarding the Historic Gateway Project visual enhancements.
  • To create a community environment that encourages and supports a positive approach to revitalization of this key corridor that respects Roswell's historic identity.
  • To inform and involve Roswell citizens at the direction of RDOT for recommendations to the governing body for the allocation of the approved Historic Gateway Project T-SPLOST funds for visual enhancements and add-ons.
  • To collaborate as needed during the Historic Gateway Project to provide input for the visual enhancements and add-ons to the governing body.

13 Member HGCAC Committee

To represent a broad spectrum of Roswell residents, business owners and professionals, and facilitate meaningful conversations, the committee shall consist of ten (10) community volunteers and two City staff members and the City Council Transportation Liaison. The city-employee and the elected official appointees shall act in an ex-officio capacity.

The committee shall be comprised of:
  • Ten (10) of the thirteen (13) members be Roswell residents* who are appointed by the governing body as community volunteers.
    *Residents who are in active negotiations with the Georgia Department of Transportation regarding sale of property along Atlanta Street are not eligible to serve.
    Preferred Background/Experience for Community Volunteer Committee Members:
    • Professional working as a Civil Engineer in the planning, engineering, design consulting industry.
    • Work experience with GDOT or other similar civic/construction organizations.
    • Landscape architect with commercial experience.
    • A professional with architecture creative, design, or visual/public art experience.
    • Roswell residents, who travel the corridor on a daily basis and/or live in close proximity to the Historic Gateway Project.
    • Roswell Residents who own a business in Roswell.
  • Ex-officio members
    • Roswell City Council Liaison to Transportation.
    • RDOT Planner or Management Representative.
    • City Administrator or his designee.
The initial term of the committee is one (1) year, with the option of renewal by the governing body at the 12-month interval.


All community volunteer appointments to the committee shall be by unanimous vote of the governing body.

All interested community volunteer applicants should apply for the committee through the city established application process.

All applications and resumes shall be subject to review by the governing body.

From the applications received: Each member of the governing body shall make one community volunteer appointment (7 of the 10). The remaining (3) community volunteer appointments shall be chosen from applications received. All appointments are subject to unanimous vote of the governing body.

Committee Responsibilities

The committee shall operate as a resource to the governing body to offer opinions on discretionary elements of design. The intent of this committee is not to question the principles of design, but to offer suggestions and input on design decisions as needed and requested by the governing body through RDOT.

The committee will consider budget, time and cost restraints for construction and future maintenance and balance those as part of this process.

Examples - not limited to the following:
  • Types of aesthetic form liner for the retaining walls (as long as the sidewalk/trail aren't right against the barrier where additional width would be needed and impact footprint).
  • Types of streetlamps (meeting GDOT/C.O.R. standards).
  • Roundabout truck apron (color/textured design within budget constraints).
  • Types of trees in the median (will need to meet GDOT canopy and critical root zone standards) Landscaping inside the roundabout center circular island (same caveats as above).
  • The median colors can be changed, potentially the colors/materials of the multi-use path can be changed as well, if proper marking is provided (not including ADA ramps for wheelchair access).
  • Lighting (photometrics must meet GDOT requirements and poles must not impact other pieces of design).

Attendance at Meetings

Committee members are expected to attend all called and special meetings of the committee. Committee members should inform the committee officers of an anticipated absence prior to the meeting being missed. Multiple absences may result in removal from the committee. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, virtual meetings may be requested by the Governor of Georgia or Mayor of the City of Roswell.

Meeting Schedule

All meeting of the committee shall be open for attendance by the public. The committee shall meet based on the WSP timeline and RDOT's need for decisions from the governing body at specified intervals. Discretion will be given to the committee in setting the meeting schedule. Follow-up communication (meeting minutes, presentation decks) will be publicly posted. At least one session will include an opportunity to learn about and understand the Historic Gateway Project in its entirety. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or by simple majority of the committee.


A quorum shall consist of a majority of the voting committee present upon calling of the roll at any meeting. The quorum requirement is satisfied with six (6) committee members are present; does not include members serving in an ex-officio capacity.


The committee shall elect a chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary at the first meeting. Officers of the committee shall be for a term of one (1) year commencing upon appointment.