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Animal Control

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Animals Running at Large: City Code 8.1.9

It shall be unlawful for the owner of any animal, or any person having an animal in his custody, to allow it to run at large unattended on or about the streets and highways of the city, or on the property of another person without permission of the owner of that property or of the person in possession of that property. Such restriction shall not apply to cats. To report a animal related code violation, please contact the code enforcement office at 770-594-6101 or

Animal Control

provides domestic animal control services for the City of Roswell. Those services include: Animals running at large; dangerous and vicious animals; investigations for cruelty and neglect; picking up stray or lost dogs and cats; and processing dog and cat licensing. Please contact at 404-613-0358. The shelter is located at 860 Marietta Blvd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife control is handled by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Please contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources directly at 404-918-6408 or visit for more information.

Dogs: City Code 8.1.7 and Chapter 8.8.4 (c)

The keeping of four (4) or more domestic dogs shall constitute a kennel requiring a license and is subject to health and zoning regulations.

Owners and the agents of owners of domesticated animals shall not permit any barking, baying, howling, crying, or making any other noise for more than ten (10) continuous minutes without interruption or more than thirty (30) minutes if intermittent.

Chickens: Unified Development Code Section 9.7.21

Poultry (not including roosters) are permitted as a limited use in residential in the following UDC Zoning Districts: AG-43, RS-87, RS-30, RS-18, RS-12, RS-9, RS-6, RS-4, R-CC, R-7H, RM-2 and RM-3.

The maximum number of poultry allowed is based on total lot size the resident uses to house the poultry.
  • Less than .33 acre is not allowed poultry,
  • 0.34 acre to 1.00 acre is allowed a maximum of six (6) poultry
  • 1.01 acres or more is allowed twelve (12) poultry per acre for a total maximum of thirty six (36) poultry per single-family detached residence located in residential zoning district.
The keeping of poultry shall be conducted in a manner that does not disturb the use or enjoyment of adjacent properties. Odor generated shall not be perceptible at the property boundaries, and noise generated shall not disturb people of reasonable sensitivity at the property boundaries.