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Garage/Yard Sale

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Requirements for Yard / Garage Sales and Signs:

  • Three (3) sales per year are allowed. Each sale is allowed to run Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Applicant must come into the Community Development office (City Hall 38 Hill Street, Suite G-30, Roswell) to fill out the application and receive the decal stickers.
  • There is no charge for the Yard / Garage Sale Permit and decal stickers.
  • Maximum of six (6) signs are allowed.
  • Keep signs out of the right-of-way (about ten feet from the curb.)
  • Signs must be on private property with the consent of the property owner
  • NO signs allowed on utility poles, trees or traffic signs.
  • Signs are not to exceed four (4) square feet.
  • Decal stickers must be placed on all signs.
  • Signs are allowed to go up on Thursday and must be removed by the end of the day on Sunday.
  • Merchandise being sold shall be items generated from the above address(es) and belonging to the above applicant(s). Resale of items from others or for others is strictly prohibited. No retail of new products is allowed.
  • This permit must be displayed upon the request of any municipal officer or citizen requesting identification or proof of permission for this yard/garage sale.