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East-West Alley Master Plan

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Reimagining and Revitalizing Alleys in Downtown Historic Roswell

The City of Roswell is looking to revitalize public spaces and transform them into places where people can stroll, shop, and dine. Roswell’s East and West Alleys behind Canton Street lend themselves perfectly to this exciting vision.

Completed in 2015, the East West Alley Master Plan was the result of a design charrette where input from property owners, businesses, elected officials, City staff, and the public was formulated into a proposal for these two important public spaces.

Funds have been dedicated and design is underway for East Alley, or Phase 1 of the project. The plan includes repaving the street, improving parking, establishing pedestrian areas, installing planters, lighting and benches commensurate with the surroundings, and reworking parts of the public infrastructure.

Construction is expected to begin on East Alley in 2017.


Nick Pezzello
Stormwater Coordinator/
City Project Manager
Phone: 770-641-3707
Sam Bennett
Stormwater Projects Specialist
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Environmental/Public Works
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East Alley Pathway Improvement Project

Project Vision: To create an attractive, inviting space with clearly defined pedestrian areas, permeable pavers to help manage stormwater, buried utilities, consolidated waste management facilities, pedestrian-scale lighting, landscaping, and reconfigured and streamlined vehicular traffic and parking.

WHAT is the Project?

  • The East Alley Pathway Improvement Project is the first phase of the East-West Alley Master Plan concept.
  • The Project consists of resurfacing existing pavement with permeable pavers, adding brick paver sidewalks, trash compactor, lighting, underground utilities and other aesthetic upgrades.

WHERE is the Project?

  • East Alley is the "L" shaped alley intersecting the west side of Canton Street and the south side of Norcross Street.
  • Businesses on East Alley front Elizabeth Way, Canton Street and Alpharetta Street.

WHEN will this Project happen?

  • Construction is scheduled to begin on or around October 1, 2017.
  • Construction is expected to be complete prior to the first "Alive in Roswell" in April 2018.

WHO is involved with the Project and who can I contact for additional information?

  • Contact phone number for the City Project Manager Nick Pezzello and Stormwater Projects Specialist Sam Bennett is 770-641-3707.
  • The Environmental/Public Works Department main number at City Hall is 770-641-3715.
  • The Project e-mail address is:

WHY is the City of Roswell doing this Project?

  • The East Alley has a strong connection to Canton Street which is an area that is recognized as one of the most vibrant areas of historic Roswell. The City wants this space to be welcoming and supportive to the businesses along the alley, to the events that occur in historic Roswell and to the people visiting downtown.
  • This project opens opportunities for on-alley business entrances, unique destinations for shopping and dining, enhanced landscape features and inclusion of public art.
  • The improvements will upgrade outdated infrastructure, provide efficient waste disposal and implement environmentally friendly green infrastructure.

HOW will the Project be completed?

  • This project will be successful through the continuation of collaboration between the City, the community, East Alley property owners, tenants and contractors.
  • The City has allocated a total of $1.7 million, including a grant in the amount of $180,000 from the state of Georgia.
  • The Alley will be closed to all traffic during construction. Appropriate notification and signage will be implemented.

HOW will trash be handled during construction?

  • Dumpsters will be placed in two locations during construction. The dumpsters will continue to be emptied 7 days per week. If at any time there is a problem with a dumpster or if they need to be emptied prior to the normal collection time, please contact Jason Tinsley, Commercial Sanitation Supervisor or Walter Frye, Solid Waste Manager at 770-641-3961.
  • Walkways will be provided during construction for safe access to the dumpsters. The City requests your cooperation to ensure that all trash and garbage is placed in the dumpsters at all times to eliminate debris, interruption of service and to maintain a clean and trash free construction site.

HOW will deliveries be handled during construction?

  • A temporary loading zone will be created at the end of the Alley on Norcross Street. The Roswell Department of Transportation (RDOT) is going to close a traffic lane to accommodate the location of the loading zone during construction.
  • Walkways will be provided to each business to ensure deliveries are received as safely and timely as possible.
  • The City requests that each business notify its vendors of the construction so appropriate accommodations can be made to accommodate individual needs.