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Environmental Education

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Nikki Belmonte
Environmental Education Coordinator
Executive Director of Keep Roswell Beautiful
Phone: 770-641-3742
Email Nikki Belmonte
Hours & Location
11570 Maxwell Road
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The City of Roswell's Public Works/Environmental Department offers free outreach programs for classrooms and community groups. These hands-on activities teach about the environment and what we can do to protect it.

We can assist you with community service projects, teacher workshops, scout badges, and curriculum resources and also provide a variety of educational programs for local schools, which include topics on water, conservation, litter prevention, recycling, and more. Programs on environmental issues are also available for civic organizations, homeowners' associations, and other groups.

All programs are led by Roswell's Environmental Education Coordinator.

Examples of Classroom Activities

  • Earth Balloon

    The Earth Balloon is a 22-foot diameter vinyl balloon of the earth that students can sit inside for lessons on geography, the environment, population, pollution, and endless other topics. It is available for loan to all public and private schools in Roswell. Teachers and parent volunteers can lead lessons from the included curriculum guide, or we can provide staff.
  • Drippy Dropperson

    Drippy Dropperson, Roswell's Water Ambassador, would love to spend the year with your class learning about all the ways you protect water. Similar to Flat Stanley, Drippy plans to visit each student’s home and comes with several activities to share with parents. The program can also include the award-winning book about Drippy Dropperson. This program can be customized for each school.
  • Butterfly Study

    Students will learn about butterfly life cycles and adaptations through observing live examples of each step in the life cycle (subject to availability of wild specimens). Classes may have the opportunity to tag migrating Monarchs and help send them on their way to Mexico.

Ongoing Water Projects


The City of Roswell offers training and materials on how to assess the water quality of your stream. Programs include visual assessment, biological sampling, chemical monitoring, and bacteria monitoring. This is a great citizen science project to incorporate into classroom lessons in order to promote environmental awareness and scientific literacy. For more information, please contact Nikki Belmonte at or 770-641-3742.

Storm Drain Marking

Contrary to popular belief, storm drains do not lead to a sanitary sewer system. Instead, they move rainwater to our nearest streams, rivers, or ponds, carrying along any pollutants on the ground. Help educate local residents about storm water runoff and pollution by marking your neighborhood with decals that read "Only Rain Down the Storm Drain" and distributing informational doorhangers. This is a great service project for all ages. To get started, please submit a Storm Drain Marking Proposal.

Teacher Workshops

The City of Roswell coordinates environmental curriculum workshops for formal and non-formal educators of K-12 students. Curriculums include Project WET, Project Learning Tree, Project WILD, Monarchs in the Classroom, Our Shared Forests, Leopold Education Project, and others. For more information, please contact Nikki Belmonte at or 770-641-3742.

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