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The Roswell Recycling Center has been at the heart of the city's recycling efforts for the past three decades. What started as a grassroots initiative organized by a group of citizens has grown into an environmental force in the community, offering recycling services to both residents and non-residents.

The Center provides recycling for a wide variety of materials - from everyday items such as plastic, paper, metal and glass to larger items including appliances, tires, batteries, cell phones, printer cartridges, electronics, televisions, motor oil and antifreeze.

For a full list of recyclable items, see the Recycling Center Brochure.


  • What do you accept for recycling?
  • What items are NOT accepted?
  • What services are available only to Roswell residents?
  • What items carry a fee for non-residents?
  • Curbside Recycling: How do I get a recycling bin or a replacement recycling bin?
  • What are the requirements for recycling paint?
  • What are the requirements for shredding?
  • What are the requirements for recycling fluorescent bulbs?
  • Do you pay for recyclables such as aluminum cans or other metal?
  • Can someone do court-ordered community service or volunteer at the Center?
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