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Procurement Opportunities

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Current bid and contract opportunities available to consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, or suppliers are listed on Roswell's Bonfire Procurement Portal.

For more information, please contact the City of Roswell Purchasing Division at or 770-641-3718.

View City of Roswell Procurement Opportunities on Bonfire

Vendor Self Service Portal
The Vendor Self Service Portal allows vendors to view Purchase Orders, 1099 forms, Invoices, and Checks. Vendors can also maintain their contact and remittance information as well as discount and payment terms, contact persons, and a listing of commodity codes that represent the goods and services they offer.

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New Vendors

Registering with the City of Roswell

Registering as a supplier through the Vendor Self Service Portal is a requirement for issuance of purchase orders and subsequent payment.

Please review the Registration Guide and follow steps 1-5 to complete the registration process. Please also review the Terms and Conditions prior to completing the registration process.

The registration process requires you to select commodity codes for which you want to receive bid notifications. The City uses the UNSPSC commodities and service code list. You should list all commodity codes that you believe would apply to your business. The City will make vendor selections from this database.

Once registered as a vendor with the City of Roswell, the City places that vendor on the bid list for the commodities and services selected. However, it does not guarantee notification of bid opportunities. The City will make every attempt to notify registered bidders of bid opportunities.

Register Online as a City of Roswell Vendor

Note: City of Roswell Staff will review the submitted information (including the submission of a valid W-9). Once the information has been validated, the Vendor will be added to the list of approved City vendors.

Registering on Roswell's Bonfire Procurement Portal

Please also register as a vendor by creating a free account on . Doing so will allow you to subscribe to .

Procurement Opportunity Notifications
In order to receive notices for formal solicitations ($25,000+ for professional services; $75,000+ for other goods and services), suppliers must create a free account on and select the "Notify me of any opportunities" box to opt-in to receiving Opportunity Matches" within Bonfire. Matches are based on the Commodity Codes listed on your account. Instructions are available on the .